As summer rolls along, we've found ourselves busy with new projects, adding new members to the M&I team, and embarking on our annual company retreat. This coming weekend (August 11-13) we'll be heading out to beautiful Fort Bragg to spend some quality time with our coworkers and families, as well as hopefully catch some of the Perseid Meteor Shower. If you find yourself in the Chico area without a good vantage point, KZFR has partnered with the Forebay Aquatic Center to host a campout with watercraft rentals available to view the shower from the water. 

Our office will be closing early on Friday, August 11 as we head out to the coast, and support requests submitted Friday afternoon won't be responded to until Monday. If you have a critical business downtime issue and require after hours support, please call (530) 891-9146 and leave a voicemail. In addition, please send an email to with "CRITICAL DOWNTIME" in the subject line.

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