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Go Green with MITC

According to the McKinsey Quaterly article, “IT’s carbon footprint” in April 2009, IT will generate 3% of the world’s greenhouse gases by 2020. However, by investing in the right technologies, we can abate up to five-times more emissions than IT produces in the same timeframe! Implementing “Green IT” can bring real, quantifiable savings to your business and it all comes down to numbers - the more energy efficient your technology, the greater the cost savings and return on IT investment! It’s good for the environment and your bottom line.

Matson & Isom Technology Consulting can help you leverage leading-edge technology and sustainable practices to achieve real “green” – both in your bottom line and in the environment.

You don’t have to choose between IT performance and environmental responsibility – Matson & Isom Technology can help you achieve both.


How “Green” are you? Companies are concerned with reducing costs and minimizing their environmental footprint. Virtualization plays a key role in the “greenification” of your business and is advantageous for businesses of all sizes, even Small and Mid-sized. Virtualization increases server efficiency by allowing one server to act as many.

  • Reduce Cost: By virtualizing, we eliminate the need to purchase and support expensive server hardware on a per operating system basis. This means we can deploy more systems at lower cost per system – cost savings to you.
  • Reduce power consumption: Having less server hardware not only draws less power to operate, but also reduces your cooling bill. Fewer boxes = less heat generation! Adding virtual machines onto a single physical server typically draws a minimal, if even measurable, increase in power. On the other hand, additional physical servers, of course, adds a significant amount of power consumption even for systems that are lightly used or used only occasionally.
  • Easily Protect your Data: Virtualized servers can be backed up easily with traditional backup methods such as external hard drives or the image based backups, such as the MITC Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance (BDR).
  • Quick Disaster Recovery: With virtualization, a snapshot can be taken of the entire system (not just the file server) for ease of restoration should disaster strike. (See Business Continuity for more information.)
  • Ease of provisioning: By virtualizing your servers, new servers can be added for the cost of a few new hard drives. No new physical servers needed. Growing your business doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!
  • Fast Server Deployment. New servers can be “provisioned” by server templates, thus decreasing the build time for new servers to minutes instead of hours. This is a difference of a few clicks as opposed to a significant server project. Building a new server operating system directly on hardware is a time consuming venture for most shops. Less time for us; cost savings for you!
  • Upgrade now - Keep your Legacy Software: Many companies have key line of business applications on legacy software that aren’t compatible with newer operating systems. By virtualizing an older operating system on your workstation, you can continue to run your crucial business applications and maintain increased productivity with and upgraded desktop! (link to upgrade your desktop information)

Virtualization Pays for Itself

  • Increase server utilization from 5-15% to 60-80%
  • Reduce energy costs by up to 80%
  • Reduce the time it takes to provision new servers by up to 70%
  • Reduce your carbon footprint -- every server virtualized has the same environmental impact as removing 1.5 cars from the road

For more information on how to get your business “Into the Green” contact us today!

Telecommuting and Video Conferencing

Embrace remote employee practices with telecommuting. Not only does it keep a few cars off the road, but it may enable you to maintain a smaller office space, which turns into cost savings for you on rent, electricity and so much more! Collaboration tools such as video conferencing have developed quite a bit over the years and can help keep remote staff connected and engaged! If you bolster the speed and security of your remote network access for remote workers via virtual private network (VPN), working from home is just like being in the office.

Have branch offices? You can reduce your overall need for travel between offices with video conferencing and other collaboration tools as well. Not only will this increase employee productivity by virtually eliminating travel time, but it will also reduce costs and lower your environmental impact. Everyone wins!

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Reducing Paper Waste

Commit to reducing your office paper waste. How many times do you go to the copy machine to find documents printed out that no one has picked up? Documents submitted for printing, but never retrieved is one of the biggest wastes of paper in an office, not to mention a potential security threat if that document contains sensitive and confidential data.

Think about making your printers PIN controlled, which requires employees to provide a code both at the desktop to submit the print job, and at the copier to initiate the printing. Or, perhaps documents that are for internal use can be printed double sided to save paper. Consider using post-consumer paper whenever possible, and reusing discarded documents as scratch paper, or for taking notes! Billing can be sent out electronically, too.

For internal meetings, encourage employees to bring their laptops to view the group documents and agendas. By setting up projectors in your conference room, you can eliminate the need for agendas or packets, too. Set a lofty goal for reducing paper waste, say by 50%, over the next year and stick to it.

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Get On Board!

The first step to reducing your footprint is educating your employees and getting them on board. You might be asking your employees to make some significant changes or to adhere to some new policies that may change their daily activity, so you need to get them excited about it. Start a dialogue to get their ideas on how to go green in the office. Perhaps starting an internal message board online that employees can share their reduction efforts would get the ball rolling. Start an “Energy Diet Challenge!” to see which department can reduce costs the most dramatically! Send out a “Green Report” weekly or monthly so employees can see that their efforts are paying off. Just like with any diet, once you start seeing results, you are encouraged to continue your efforts!

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