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Lundberg Family Farms | Website Development

Lundberg Family Farms began in 1937 when Albert and Frances Lundberg left Nebraska for California with hopes of starting a new life in the wake of the Dust Bowl. The company has grown substantially, but continues to honor the Lundberg’s partnership with nature and their commitment to nourishing, conserving, and innovating for a healthier world. Today, Lundberg Family Farms also offers a variety of non-GMO packaged goods.

Ben Olberg, Marketing Coordinator, began working at Lundberg Family Farms (LFF) in November of 2020. When working on content to publish on the LFF website, Ben experienced a level of frustration managing content on the existing platform (WordPress). While undergoing an overall brand refresh, Lundberg decided it was time to refresh their website on top of a new content management system.

I really liked what M&I said in their proposal about Craft CMS…The M&I quote was a fair price compared to the others but with a ton more detail. There were a lot of specifics in it on how they would go about things, manage the project, and ideas. Ben Olberg Marketing Coordinator

This presented Ben with the opportunity to search for other platforms that would provide ease in updating the website from a layout, appearance, and functionality standpoint. Taking into consideration that several individuals would be collaborating on updating site content at various times, it was important to find a platform that would be user-friendly and provide agility. Ben reached out to three vendors - one of those being M&I - to obtain quotes and information for the new website development.

M&I was brought on board for a 15-week project, intended to develop and design a more functional website for LFF. M&I worked closely with LFF and a third-party marketing firm throughout the project, collaborating on the overall design and ensuring all goals were considered.

Craft CMS was utilized for the development of the website. Craft CMS is flexible content management system and development platform that supports efficient web content editing and custom feature development.

M&I understood our desire to be able to update, adapt, and build upon the platform long-term utilizing our internal team. Ben Olberg Marketing Coordinator

With the improved functionality and design of the LFF website, navigation is now faster and easier for everyone. The added functionality of the mega-dropdown menu for the products tab made it so customers can switch to and from product pages more seamlessly. Additionally, customers also have access to a blog, filtered search, recipes section and live chat.

The new responsive and mobile-friendly website is now live and fully functional for site visitors at


Success Metrics

Increased website engagement and customer contact capture by 68%

Tech Specs

-     Craft CMS

-     Destini Store Locator

-     Stackpath CDN

-     Olark Chat

I appreciated working with M&I. The team was a good balance of technical focus and expertise balanced with design and input. Ben Olberg Marketing Coordinator
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