Building an ecommerce website is easy, particularly when there are platforms like Shopify. Building an ecommerce website that's profitable is another matter entirely. As of 2018 there are 600K Shopify businesses, over 1M active users, and a staggering $72B+ sold.

With these numbers showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, it's imperative for Shopify owners to ask themselves:

What are we doing to stand out from the competition?

The old adage of "if we build it, they will come," is simply inaccurate in the current digital landscape. If you're a business owner and you rely on Shopify to sell your product, our next workshop is perfect for you.

Join us on Wednesday, November 14th as we walk through the fundamentals of how to drive valuable sales on your Shopify website using Facebook advertising. During this interactive session you'll learn how to correctly configure Shopify and Facebook to enable product tagging, and how to create, publish, and measure a successful campaign with Facebook ads.

This session is ideal for beginners and intermediate users who currently have a Shopify website and Facebook Page representing their business, but would like a deeper understanding of how to utilize Facebook ads with Shopify.

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