If you count yourself among the millions of people currently using Facebook to reach a significant portion of your customers, the announcement about Facebook Zero is most likely inducing a fair amount of panic.

While it's true that this update to the algorithm is by far the biggest yet, there is a silver lining to take solace in while we all watch our organic reach plummet. Consider this: while the number of Facebook Pages (representing businesses) had reached 65 million as of November 2017, only about 4 million of those actively use the Ads feature. With the shift to Facebook Zero on the horizon, and so few Pages taking advantage of Ads, there has never been a more crucial time to get ahead of the competition and learn how to use their advertising features.

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*We recommend attendees have a basic understanding of the difference between Facebook Profiles and Pages, have admin access, and be comfortable navigating the various sections of their Page. 

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