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Top 10 Excel Reporting Strategies

How can Excel work to your advantage? How do you pull key insights from Excel data? Join this webinar to expand your Excel knowledge and learn the top Excel reporting strategies. 

Webinar - Thursday March 23rd at 11am


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Have you ever been asked to build and share reports from Excel data? Answering nuanced questions from raw data can feel like an overwhelming task. Especially when those questions keep changing. How do you get key insights from data without wasting hours manually re-formatting spreadsheets? And how do you share those insights with others easily and effectively? 

Watch this training and learn tips to build Excel reports to summarize, visualize, and (most importantly) share interactive insights with peers and partners.

Join us Thursday, March 23rd at 11am to learn practical, step-by-step Excel reporting strategies.

Hosted by CEO, Tyler Smith.