By Arielle Mullen

Senior Consultant Corey Davies highlights the importance of a good backup strategy in the face of impending severe weather:

“Ideally backups are completed at least daily, and offsite backups are automated. If you use onsite backups, rotating external drives and making sure you're following a rotation policy is critical. We recommend a three tiered policy with one backup on the server, one on a local device, and one off site. If a policy hasn't been established, please reach out to us for assistance."
Corey Davies, M&I
In addition to backing up your data, utilizing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units for workstations and servers, and keeping equipment protected with surge suppression is also important. However, Davies emphasizes that battery backups are not meant to be treated like generators.  

“Battery backups are meant to give you adequate time to shut down workstations and servers cleanly and wait for power to be restored. They're not intended to let you keep working more than a few minutes.”
Corey Davies, M&I

Although El Niño is here, Davies' biggest takeaway is that M&I clients have nothing to fear. 

"This is something we can handle. It's something that's always evolving, but we work hard to do what needs to be done to prepare."
Corey Davies, M&I
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