By Arielle Mullen

We've now reached the last installment of our five week campaign regarding El Niño 2015 and how it can impact your IT infrastructure. For our final week, we've compiled our best tips for ensuring you get through this season with your infrastructure intact. 

Consider possible scenarios. Take some time to think about what sort of risks are involved based on your geographic location. Many regions of the United States have seen a huge increase in rainfall, as well as fluctuating temperatures.  

Have a plan. Having a solid Business Continuity Plan in place is key. If you don't already have one established, you'll want to consider creating one, or reaching out for assistance. Having a plan will cut down on the possible damage that could occur, as well as any lag time in between a natural disaster and your ability to recover. 

Don't forget to test it beforehand. Testing your Business Continuity Plan is important, as it will help highlight any possible weak spots within it. Additionally, testing it out will ensure your team will act quickly and efficiently in the event of a scenario. 

Backup your data. We really can't stress this enough. Backing up your data is the best thing you can do to ensure you don't lose valuable information. Remember to backup often, and use a backup strategy. We recommend doing this daily, and using a three tiered policy

If all else fails, remember that we've got your back! Give one of our consultants a call today to make sure you're fully covered in case of an El Niño-related event. 

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