Cesar Reyes, one of our Network Solutions Consultants, has had a great year. After being certified in Citrix in April of 2014, then following that with a Microsoft Deployment Certification, he’s been working with long-term M&I client, County of Glenn and their new infrastructure.

His strong communication skills and technical knowledge make him a great asset here at M&I.

“Setting client expectations is key. Before going into a problem, I always let them know: it’s going to be different. Don’t freak out, just give me a call and we’ll work through the problem together. That’s made a huge difference and saved me a lot of time, emails, and phone calls.”
Cesar Reyes 

A key part of the team, Cesar has amassed praise from clients as well as his fellow employees. 

"Cesar has shown time and time again that he's willing to step up and take on challenging tasks and move them through to a successful conclusion while communicating with clients and managing internal and external expectations."
Tyler Smith, M&I President 

Cesar's number one tip for clients? 

“Don’t just update your software every time you’re prompted. The interface always changes, so you’re just introducing new problems. We’d rather find one solid solution that’s been proven and tested, which will work for a few years, so you're not constantly having to learn new operating systems.”
Cesar Reyes 

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