Originally brought on to the M&I team as an intern in his last semester of college, Greg Delorey rose up the ranks to reach his current position as VP of our Internet Solutions team.

One notable project he took the lead on in 2015 was a complete site redesign for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

"We worked on it over the course of three months. There were minimal issues during launch, and they've had a volume increase of orders since then. We helped streamline shipping and customer support, and solved a lot of their business issues by utilizing technology."
Greg Delorey, M&I

When asked about upcoming projects on the horizon he's excited about, he referred to a new point-of-sale system he's working on for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. The project is slated to span four months, and he's looking forward to working with the Sierra Nevada team once more, and helping to make the distributor point-of-sale experience a more streamlined one.  In his free time, Greg enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, or playing basketball with friends.

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