To kick off 2016, we thought we'd highlight one of our consultants from our Network Solutions team. 

Joel has been with the team for over five years and one of his strongest assets is his upbeat attitude and easygoing nature.  Before M&I, Joel worked in Chicago, but he finds his work at here much more rewarding. 

"My favorite part of the job is the troubleshooting I get to do. I like helping people. I like seeing a problem and having to figure out how to fix it, it's like a puzzle."
Joel Biddle, M&I  

Starting on the service desk here and working up to his current position, Joel has learned a lot over the years. As a consultant, he works with clients on their backup and antivirus systems, to strengthen any security areas that might be lacking. After working here for the last five years, Joel's best tip is simple, but valuable, as it's often overlooked.  

"Don't open email attachments and always make sure you have a good backup system." 
Joel Biddle, M&I

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