Here at M&I we pride ourselves on being an employee-owned company. One of the many wonderful employees we have that are integral to our success is Linda Cimino, our Office Manager. With the company for 13 years now, Linda originally applied for a position as a Purchasing Agent. Although there was a staggering number of applicants (175 in fact), Linda was the clear choice. Her position has evolved greatly over the years, and now she handles many responsibilities. 

"Because I wear so many hats here, my day to day varies. I do all the purchasing, payroll, bookkeeping, managing of the office, and the HR. Any particular day can be a whole different scenario, depending on what I'm working on." 
Linda Cimino, M&I

Her favorite part of the job? Working with clients. 

"I really like customer service, I get satisfaction out of it. I enjoy working with the clients because they're all really  nice people. I also like doing the purchasing for a project. Although I'm not out front with a cape on like the consultants are, I get a lot of satisfaction out of supporting them and making sure they have everything they need. I love the collaboration."
Linda Cimino, M&I

Although Linda doesn't have a background in technology (she holds a degree in Geology), she loves living here in Chico and working at M&I. 

"Chico is such a nice place to raise a family. Our organization is so family oriented. Everyone gets along really well, and I just love it!"
Linda Cimino, M&I 
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