By Arielle Mullen

This year to celebrate the release of the anxiously-awaited Octoberfest beer, M&I worked in collaboration with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to create a web-browser based video game. In this retro-styled 8-bit game, the hero "Kenny the Braumeister" must jump around to collect hops, water, malt, and yeast to create beer.

M&I also helped Sierra Nevada Brewing Company create an Octoberfest-theme, complete with Deutschland-inspired colors and German titles for site navigation. In order to activate the game, the visitor has to navigate around the Sierra Nevada site until "Kenny" appears at the top of the page to redirect them to the game.

Our Senior Developer Michael Babcock and Senior Consultant Earl Jessee worked closely with Sierra Nevada to develop the Octoberfest-themed game. "They wanted it to be not only fun, but informative," explained Michael. "The player has to collect the correct ingredients in order to score 'beer points,' which made it a little challenging. We modeled the game character after Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman."

Head over to the Sierra Nevada website to see their Octoberfest-themed redesign and play this addictive game while it lasts! 

HINT: You have to find Kenny, first!

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