By Arielle Mullen

Ah, fall! The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and like the great Bill Watterson once said (by way of Calvin & Hobbes), "the bugs are dying by the truckload!" Our office has been buzzing with activity lately as we prepare for our last few events of 2017, meet with clients to ensure they're fully prepped for the year ahead, and place our daily bets on who will be wearing snazzier socks each day; Developer Seth Hendrick or Senior Consultant Earl Jessee.  

It would seem that our transition into cooler temperatures and inclement weather has begun. As your friendly neighborhood technology consulting partner, we'd like to remind you to consider whether a particularly aggressive storm would leave your IT infrastructure at risk. We'll be delving deeper into this topic next month for our featured article, but if you have concerns in the meantime, please reach out!

In this issue, you'll find a roundup of the latest tech news, details about the importance of strategic planning, and a list of our upcoming events. Happy November!

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