By Arielle Mullen

TL;DR: Although most power outages only last a few hours, your business can suffer greatly if precautions have not been taken.

Whether large or small, every business relies on the availability of power to keep things running smoothly. When winter storms hit, many business owners find themselves unprepared for the disruptions, and the subsequent impact on their bottom line. While each business's power needs are different, continuous and reliable power is a necessity. 

The best solution to meet your needs can be determined by an assessment, but the answer may be as simple as attaching UPS (uninterrupted power supply) units to your equipment. More advanced UPS units can connect directly to the server, so that in the event of an extended outage, when auxiliary power begins to run out, the unit will gracefully power down your systems. 

The biggest (and most common) mistake people usually make when considering outages is not considering the needs of their organization as a whole. The top priorities and needs will shift depending on a variety of factors, which means a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't exist. 

Whatever your power needs, our consultants are here to support your business and keep you up and running. Get in touch today to learn if your infrastructure is ready for the inclement weather on the horizon. 

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