Each year around this time, the internet is stuffed to the gills with gift guides of every imaginable theme. In the interest of creating one you won't find anywhere else, we asked our employees what tech-related gifts were at the top of their wish lists. 

Greg Delorey | VP, Internet Solutions

Blink Security Cameras: These wireless security cameras come with a 2-year battery life, mobile notification alerts, free cloud storage, and best of all, no monthly notification alerts!

Tyler Smith | President

Apple Watch Series 3: As a current Apple Watch owner (original version), I'm looking at the speed, GPS, cellular, and battery life improvements of the newer model, and definitely adding it to my wishlist!

David Gross | Business Development Intern

Apple Watch Series 3: I'd love this item, as it allows you to have the basic functionality of your iPhone. I wouldn't have to bring my phone everywhere I go in order to stay on the grid!

Earl Jessee | Senior Consultant

Logitech Craft Keyboard & MZ Master 2S Mouse: These items are tied for the top spot on my list as they offer ergonomics and control over the Adobe CC Creative Design apps. The keyboard also allows for a lot of customized integration with creative apps. 

Travis Thompson | Associate Consultant

Bitcoin: Because it's digital GOLD! There's no easy way to gift it though.... so I guess a close runner-up would be the 1200 Peak Amp Power Source Kit

Natalie Gibeson | Business Development Intern

BOSE Speaker: I'm tired of listening to music from my laptop, and with the BOSE Speaker it's more convenient to move from room to room. The price point is reasonable too, which I especially like since I'm still living that frugal student lifestyle!

Sean Isom | CFO

Anker Power Banks: These are ideal for allowing you to maintain power with a variety of devices.  

Joel Biddle | Consultant

Amazon Echo OR NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wifi System: I actually already have the Amazon Echo, and think it's the best digital voice assistant on the market. I like being able to control the lights and thermostat with voice commands, and playing Jeopardy! The NETGEAR Orbi is a great pick to extend the wifi range in a larger home. It's a good solution if the modem for your internet connection is at one end of the house, and you struggle with connectivity at the other end. 

There you have it, a quick roundup of tech-related gear our M&I team members are currently coveting. Planning on doing your holiday shopping online? Read this guide now, thank us later. From all of us at M&I, Happy Holidays!

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