By Arielle Mullen

Will Constitutional protection for passwords apply to biometric security measures? Recently Samsung announced that their Galaxy S8 phone will include a biometric feature that scans the user's face to unlock. This update, while interesting in a Back to the Future: Part II sort of way, complicates the already murky waters where the Fifth Amendment meets 2017 tech. This amendment (which protects people from self-incrimination), has already caused complications with Apple's Touch ID sensor, as providing passcodes to electronic devices has generally been considered potential "testimonial" evidence. Check out this article from The Verge for more information about how this Samsung update might affect future legal disputes. 

Does the "Night Shift" setting on your phone actually work?: You've probably seen the setting on your phone called "Night Shift" that removes all the blue light from your screen, turning instead a warm yellow color. But does it actually cause you to sleep more soundly? The short answer: sort of. While it's true that blue light causes humans to become more alert, whether they're exposed to it during day or night, the jury's still out on whether it promotes better sleep. For more info about the Night Shift setting on your phone, check out this video from Wired

How to backup your Facebook data: At first glance, this might seem like a ridiculous idea. But the fact is, the longer you’ve been on Facebook, the more photos, videos, and interactions with others you’re likely to have amassed. This is further complicated when you consider that the data seems to be stored in several different places (Timeline, Facebook Messenger, Activity Log, etc.). To backup your data, access your “General Account Settings” page, choose “Settings,” and from there you should see an option to “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” For more information, check out this guide on TechRadar.

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