By Arielle Mullen

Microsoft to end support for Windows 7 & 8 on new PC hardware:  Although they plan to phase out support for these operating systems, Microsoft announced that they will offer a grace period for those using them on certain PC models with Intel's sixth generation of processors (also known as Skylake). For more information, visit their website, or get in touch with your M&I consultant. 

The first known case of a remote jailbreak on an iPhone just occurred: Last month human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor received suspicious SMS text messages that offered new details about Emiratis being tortured in state prisons, with a link promising more information. Instead of following the link, he sent screenshots and the URL to Citizen Lab, where researchers used a duplicate iPhone to safely load the URL. They realized that a vulnerability in Safari's WebKit allowed the sender of the SMS text messages to remotely jailbreak the phone. This spyware, known as Pegasus, is being sold by a cyberarms dealer known as NSO Group to a customer base comprised mostly of governments. Apple quickly responded by issuing an iOS 9.3.5 update which they've said has fixed the vulnerabilities, but there is evidence to suggest there are ways of getting Pegasus software onto other operating systems, like Android. If you or your employees use an iPhone, we recommend installing the updates immediately. 

Facial-recognition logins can be faked by using photos from Facebook: Although logins using biometric data are becoming more widespread, if that data is publicly available (like your Facebook photos), it's at the risk of being exploited. Individuals from the University of North Carolina who specialize in in computer vision presented these findings earlier this month at the Usenix security conference. The researchers tested their method of using digital 3-D models (utilizing only publicly available photos), on five authentication systems (KeyLemon, Mobius, TrueKey, BioID, 1D), and were able to trick four out of five. 

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