By Arielle Mullen

Want to contact your representative in Congress? There's an app for that: Although there are plenty of tools available for campaigning individuals to contact citizens, there  aren't many that make it possible for voters to reach their elected representatives. An internet startup called Countable is seeking to change that, with an online platform and (soon to be released) iOS app. Countable works by pulling your contact information from Facebook, and diverges from other similar platforms as they provide a simplified explanation of each bill to be voted on by the House and Senate. For more information, check out their website, or this article from Wired. 

Facebook continues nipping at Snapchat's heels: Last year Instagram made a major move to compete with Snapchat with their Stories feature, a short video or compilation of photos that expires within 24 hours. In late January, Facebook made a similar move (no big surprise considering that Facebook purchased Instagram in recent years). With an identical layout to Instagram Stories, the new Facebook Stories feature allows those with a profile to post videos or photos that expire within 24 hours. While this isn't the first time that Facebook has attempted to cut into Snapchat's market share, adding this feature directly into the Facebook platform is a new move. With the success of Instagram Stories (150 million daily users in five months), it's safe to say Facebook Stories will see similar success. 

App makers might soon be responding directly to your bad review of Flappy Bird: Apple has announced that they'll soon be rolling out a new feature of their App Store, which lets app developers respond directly to reviews. If Yelp is any indication what this new feature might encourage, the App Store might get a lot more controversial in the coming months. Here's hoping that any developers unleashed on negative reviews have to undergo some form of training beforehand. 

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