By Arielle Mullen

Is proof of alien life forthcoming? The network of hackers known as Anonymous certainly seems to think so. Recently they released a video on their YouTube channel claiming NASA was preparing to issue proof of extraterrestrial life to the public. The video was so widely circulated that it forced representatives from NASA to publicly comment. Unfortunately for those hoping we were on the brink of having a close encounter of the third kind, they've denied that there's any truth to the claims. 

A PC that can self-destruct? The ORWL is designed to do just that, when tampered with. This open source computer comes with a keyfob, unique to each one. When computer and keyfob are more than ten meters away, the PC automatically locks down, with the processor put to sleep, and USB and HDMI ports shut off. For more information, check out their website

Facebook wants to work harder against hate speech: If you have a Facebook account, you may have received a notification from them announcing their recent milestone of 2 billion users. While they were quick to celebrate, they've also come forward to assert they'll be working harder to combat hate speech on their extremely popular social network. Currently approximately 66,000 posts per week are removed that they claim violate their standards, and they've shared plans to work harder at weeding out offensive material. Although they've explained that technology behind AI is still too new to be relied upon to help with this daunting task, they're experimenting constantly with updates to help them filter hateful material.

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