By Arielle Mullen

Cloudflare bug caused user data to be leaked from millions of websites: Cloudflare, a company that provides security and reliability services online, recently announced that a bug in their system was responsible for potentially sensitive customer data to be leaked. The bug, first discovered February 17, inserted data from their customers onto the websites of smaller subsets of customers. Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming announced in a blog post: "Because Cloudflare operates a large, shared infrastructure, an HTTP request to a Cloudflare web site that was vulnerable to this problem could reveal information about an unrelated other Cloudflare site." The good news is that they acted quickly to fix the bug, but still suggest if you're a current customer, you change your passwords.  

Workspace rental service Breather launches a Chrome plugin to help you avoid distractions in the office: Their new plugin, called the Nope Button works by connecting to your phone number and triggering an automated call when activated by the user. With open floor plans becoming more popular in offices around the country, it can be easy to get distracted or pulled into conversations throughout the day. The idea is that if the user sees a coworker approaching they can press the Nope Button, triggering a phone call, which will then give the employee a quick way out of the situation so they can quickly return to work. Although a fun marketing ploy, it's probably best not to actually use this at the office. 

Twitter is finally taking steps to weed out harassment & fake accounts: Recently they announced the development of new algorithms that can detect when an account engages in abusive behavior. Although the company has tested these methods in the past, they plan to use them more frequently moving forward. Twitter also plans to rely more heavily on abuse reporting from their current users, and allow people to filter certain keywords, phrases, or entire conversations from their feed. Although it's safe to say harassment will still occur, hopefully these measure will go a long way in creating a safer atmosphere for the individuals using this platform.

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