By Arielle Mullen

Samsung has developed a new feature to combat distracted driving: Samsung recently announced a new app called In-Traffic Reply, designed to automatically send preset replies to texts or calls while you're in motion. The app is currently in beta in select locations, and will be available in the Play Store this month. Read more about the app at The Samsung Newsroom

Would you take fashion advice from a robot? Amazon recently announced that Amazon's Echo Look Camera will soon be able to take photos of your outfits, catalog them, and give feedback. This technology presents an interesting challenge, as the standard for what's good vs. bad will have to be set initially by humans when the algorithm is created, which means an implicit bias will be present. Read more about the Echo Look Camera at Amazon

Instagram is growing a lot faster than previously thought: Instagram, the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook has officially hit 700 million monthly active users. They credit this growth to easier processes to find friends, as well as expanded functionality like Instagram Stories (essentially directly lifted from Snapchat). As Instagram grows in popularity, it seems now is a great time to utilize this platform in digital marketing efforts. Read more about Instagram's recent growth at The Verge

This app flaw gave hackers a backdoor into millions of phones: One of the most basic ways hackers gain access to a target is through an open "port" (vulnerable internet connection). Researchers from University of Michigan found that many apps in Google Play leave Android users vulnerable to attack by creating open, insecure ports. Read more about this issue at Wired.

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