By Arielle Mullen

Mark Zuckerberg has a change of heart: Last year, everyone's favorite sweatshirt-loving CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the notion of his social network having influenced the presidential election was a "pretty crazy idea." However, it seems now he might have changed his tune. During the company's Q3 earnings call, his first order of business was addressing the claims and condemning the Russian infiltrators, saying "What they did is wrong and we are not going to stand for it." Zuckerberg explained that although the social media behemoth reported massive Q3 earnings, profits were likely to slow in the coming months due to increased spending on security.  

Another day, another ransomware attack: Months ago an outbreak known as "NotPetya" infected thousands of networks across many Eastern European countries. Last week a new strain was released, this one called "BadRabbit," and it appears it was created by the same group. Targeting Russian media outlets and the payment systems of subways and airports in the Ukraine and Kiev, malware researchers believe those responsible have been planning the attack since July. 

Apple proves again how little patience they have for product leaks: Details about the iPhone X, slated to be released November 3, have been kept tightly under wraps for months now. In a move that showcases just how highly the company values their employees (at every level) staying tight-lipped, they've fired one of their engineers for violating privacy rules by showing the new phone to his teenage daughter. The (otherwise mundane) video showed them having dinner together, but the internet was gifted with 45-seconds of contraband footage featuring her scrolling and using the upgraded camera. After the video was posted, the website 9to5Mac picked it up, and the employee was promptly fired. No word yet on whether the teenager was subsequently grounded. 

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