By Arielle Mullen

It's no secret that Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has always been an incredibly environmentally conscious company. Even in their earliest days, CEO Ken Grossman, built all necessary brewing equipment out of repurposed materials. 

Now it seems SNB has taken the next step in setting a new standard for sustainable practices by partnering with Tesla to install a new Powerpack project at its Chico brewery. This cutting edge technology allows energy to be generated through their solar panels, then stored and used later during peak hours.  According to Tesla, their "integrated software enables Powerpack to automatically charge when demand is low, then discharge when demand at the brewery is about to spike. This requires no input from the brewery, as the Powerpack learns the site's behavior and recalibrate continuously to save the company money and energy." This new system from Tesla will allow SNB to negate approximately 20% of their annual electricity use. 

Moves like this one are just another reason why we love partnering with SNB and supporting their technology-related needs.

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