By Arielle Mullen

If you count Microsoft Excel among the software you depend on most, you're not alone. This organizational powerhouse is unparalleled when it comes to reporting and analyzing data, and yet Excel continues to be one of the most under-utilized tools. With that in mind, we're sharing our top ten Microsoft Excel shortcuts that will save you time and boost your overall productivity. 

1. Select all Cells in your Spreadsheet

Quickly select all of the cells in your spreadsheet with just a single click on the tab at the top left corner (as shown below).

Excel Shortcut #1

2. Select all Cells in a Column or Row

For a PC, use the following shortcut: 

  • Select Row: Ctrl + Shift + Right/Left
  • Select Column: Ctrl + Shift + Down/Up

On a Mac? Use the following shortcut:

  • Select Row: Command + Shift + Right/Left
  • Select Column: Command + Shift + Down/Up

3. Insert the Current Date into a Cell

Select the cell you'd like to add the date to, then use the following shortcut: Control + ; (semi colon)

4. Open, Close, or Create a New Workbook

If you're on a Mac, use the following shortcuts:

  • Open: Command + O
  • Close: Command + W
  • Create New: Command + N

Using a PC? Use these shortcuts: 

  • Open: Ctrl + O
  • Close: Ctrl + F4
  • Create New: Ctrl + N

5. Hide or Unhide Columns

  • Hide Column: Ctrl + 0
  • Unhide Column: Alt + o + c + u

6. Undo or Redo an Action

  • Undo: Ctrl + z
  • Redo: Ctrl + v

7. Insert a Link

  • Command + k

8. Format a Cell

  • Command + 1

9. Find & Replace

Bring up the Find & Replace menu by selecting Command + f

10. Start a New Line in a Cell

  • Alt + Enter

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