By Arielle Mullen

Creating a list of resolutions is an annual tradition for most people. However, studies have shown that it’s usually only a mere 8% of people who end up sticking with them. Although the typical focus of resolutions is mostly limited to improving one’s health, we’ve compiled a list of tech-related changes that we recommend making. Some of these are as easy as a quick download, but will save you time and a potential headache further down the road in 2016. 

Practicing what your team will do in case of a disaster will cut down on valuable recovery time, as well as creating a more cohesive atmosphere for your employees to flourish. For help creating a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan, contact us today. 

Keep your passwords secure: It’s becoming increasingly important to create unique, strong passwords to keep your data safe. However, remembering each separate password for each site or platform can be difficult to say the least. Let technology do the heavy lifting with a password keeper. Many of these password managing apps will generate random passwords for you, as well as keeping them all organized and secure. We recommend 1Password, which uses AES 256-bit encryption, will store your logins, generate strong passwords, and syncs with Dropbox and iCloud. Other reliable password managing apps include LastPass, and Dashlane.

Learn shortcuts: Every time your phone and computer updates to a new operating system, it’s likely that new shortcuts become available. Keeping track of these will not only ensure you’re working more efficiently, but it’ll keep you using your hardware to its fullest potential. If you use a PC, we recommend using the Alt-Tab shortcut to scroll through your open windows.

Backup your data: We’ve hit this point pretty hard over the last few months, but if there’s one takeaway we want people to have it’s that you should be backing up your data. We recommend utilizing the Rule of Three to maximize backup effectiveness. Keep in mind that everything new you've worked on since your last backup is at risk of being compromised, so it's a good idea to backup often. 

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