ClearIT<sup>®</sup> Partner Program

ClearIT® Partners experience something radically different from the “typical” world of technology support: clear, respectful, solution-oriented help from consultants who care.

Getting answers and assistance to help you get the job done shouldn't be that hard. And with ClearIT®, it never is.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClearIT® is a Partner Program that emphasizes a holistic, end-to-end approach to technology support through proactive systems monitoring and maintenance paired with respectful, friendly support from highly skilled consultants.

Imagine a technology support partnership that helps your business be more successful by leveraging your technology investment, rather than just keeping it running or fixing it when it breaks.

The ClearIT® Partner Program consists of two levels:

  • ClearIT® Partner
  • ClearIT® Managed Partner

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ClearIT® Managed Partner

ClearIT® Managed Partners experience a comprehensive program which includes strategic IT planning, productivity training for staff, web site hosting, email and device anti-spam/anti-virus, and of course unlimited remote support in addition to scheduled on-site visits, proactive systems monitoring, and regular systems maintenance.

ClearIT® Partner

ClearIT® Partners experience productivity training for staff, email and device anti-spam/anti-virus, proactive systems monitoring, and regular systems maintenance.

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Projects are independent engagements with a proposal, timelines, and a specific scope of work defined prior to the project’s execution, and are not included in the ClearIT® Partner Program's flat-fee monthly pricing model.


/month Partner Program Fee +



Dedicated Account Team

Core Infrastructure Services & Security

Strategic IT Planning & Alignment

Partner Events & Training

Security Management

Server, Network, Workstation, & Mobile Infrastructure

Antivirus Software

Advanced Threat Detection & Malware Blocking

Backup System Monitoring & Maintenance

Cloud-based Email Anti-Spam/Malware/Virus Protection

Website Hosting (Basic)

Website Hosting (Database & E-Commerce)

Web Content Filtering

Unlimited Remote Technology Support During Business Hours

Scheduled On-site Technology Support

Use of MITC Conference Facilities

* Minimum number of people applies for published pricing on ClearIT® Managed Partner Agreements

Our Process


Full Technology Health Assessment Baseline & Documentation

  • Server & Workstation and Network Hardware Inventory
  • Business Software Inventory
  • Vendor Service & Support Contracts Documentation
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis

Business Continuity Assessment & Analysis Onboarding

  • Install Monitoring Agents on all Servers & Workstations
  • Install Antivirus/Anti-Malware Software on all Servers & Workstations
  • Configure Anti-spam/Anti-virus Cloud Email Protection for all people listed on your agreement

We’ve Got You Covered!

I can't say enough about M&I and the partnership we've created over the years. I don't leave work wondering how I'm going to be able to do my job tomorrow.

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